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  • 13 August, 2020
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    Troubleshoot issues with product listings

    Sellers are required to obtain pre-approval from Amazon before listing in certain product categories. Even if selling in a category does not require approval, selling certain products (such as Frustration-Free Packaging products, certain products in the Software category, and laser pointers and related products) might require approval.

    This page outlines some of the page creation issues you may encounter when attempting to list on Amazon. Note that other brands or products may become restricted for various reasons. Amazon will notify you of such changes either by email or through Help.

    Restricted Beauty brands

    We are creating a new Beauty experience and implementing listing restrictions on select brands. New offers on these brands are not currently being accepted. 

    Restricted DVDs

    We have received reports that some customers have received DVD products that are inconsistent with the product detail pages for some items. As a result, we are enacting listing restrictions to preserve customer trust in the Amazon service. Although we might permit certain sellers to continue to list restricted DVDs, Amazon is not accepting new offers at this time. Seller Support will not be able to provide further information or approve requests to list.

    Suppressed products

    The product you attempted to create a page for is currently suppressed. It is not eligible for selling on our website, and will not appear on our website. We suppress products for numerous reasons. For example, we prohibit the sale of illegal and offensive products.. In addition, products can be suppressed at the explicit request of artists or manufacturers.

    Occasionally, the decision to suppress a product is from erroneous information we have received. If you believe we suppressed a product that should appear on our website, contact us.

    International matches

    The product you attempted to create a page for is located in one of our international Amazon catalogs (on,,,, or, and is not eligible for selling through We do not allow sellers to create duplicate pages in the Amazon catalog for this product. A product found on our international websites can be eligible for selling on that particular site. If you want to sell through another Amazon site, you must submit a new seller registration there. Your registration does not carry over. Details about our selling programs are available through the Help pages of each website.

    Frustration-Free Packaging product matches

    The product you attempted to create a page for is a Frustration-Free Packaging product, and only sellers with prior approval are eligible to sell these products on Amazon. To submit a request to sell Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging products in any category.

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