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  • 13 December, 2020
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    Choose your source and target marketplaces

    Before connecting offers, you need to select a source marketplace and a target marketplace. You will use the source marketplace as the primary place to manage your prices. Target marketplace prices for connected offers will update automatically whenever you change your source marketplace prices.

    Choose your source marketplace

    When selecting a second source marketplace, you will see your first source and target marketplaces on the right side of the screen for reference. Only marketplaces that you have not already designated as a source or target marketplace will be available to select as a second source or target marketplace.

    Choose your target marketplace

    Consider the following when choosing target marketplaces,

    In target marketplaces where you currently have offers, you can keep or delete the existing offers.If you keep existing offers and the ASIN exists in both the source and target marketplaces, the prices will be synchronized.

    If you delete existing offers, all offers, histories, and reviews will be deleted. New offers will be created and synchronized where the ASIN exists in both the source and target marketplaces. You cannot undo this action.

    On the Build International Listings page, check the box next to each target marketplace where you want to connect. If you want to apply the same settings to all selected marketplaces, select Apply same settings to all marketplaces.

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